PizzaPlex is hiring!

PizzaPlex L3C is a community-oriented pizzeria in Southwest Detroit that prepares delicious Neapolitan, wood-fired pizza. The pizzeria serves coffee and drinks, and offers space for events, community meetings, and inclusive programming for all ages. PizzaPlex holds the Neapolitan school of pizza in the highest esteem, along with karaoke, ’80s movies, friends, family, and love for all people and the planet.

Please read the position listed below and follow the instructions for applying:


Community Engagement and Sustainability Specialist

PizzaPlex L3C seeks a Community Engagement and Sustainability Specialist to develop a community outreach plan and implement environmentally and socially responsible practices throughout business operations. This position is offered by contract for a one-year term. The contract will be paid in monthly installments contingent on successful job performance. Contract renewal possible.

PizzaPlex expects all employees to serve as brand ambassadors throughout the city and food and service industry, leading the company’s charge to serve community members and create a healthier, more sustainable natural environment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Establish a strategy to communicate PizzaPlex products and programming to the immediate neighborhood and organizations in the City of Detroit to promote the business while listening to community needs for catering and event or meeting space.
  • Engage and interact with local organizations and community groups to schedule community-based events and programs in alignment with the PizzaPlex Space Programming Policy and Calendar.
  • Organize and facilitate bi-monthly meetings for the PizzaPlex Community Board to evaluate programming performance and understand local community challenges and opportunities for neighborhood project implementation that can be facilitated by PizzaPlex financial or other resource support. Record meeting minutes and decisions and debrief PizzaPlex management and owners on meeting results.
  • Manage the Sospeso program for food and coffee allocation to community events. Sospeso food and coffee refers to products paid for in advance as acts of anonymous donor charity. All PizzaPlex customers will have the option to purchase pizza or coffee drinks to fund community events displayed on the PizzaPlex Community Calendar.
  • Train staff and monitor implementation of the PizzaPlex sustainability plan to conserve energy, conserve water, reduce waste generation, source locally and environmentally responsibly, and protect workers’ rights and working conditions. Refine the sustainability plan over time to adapt to continuous improvement.
  • Connect PizzaPlex to like-minded organizations that value environmental sustainability and social equity to ensure PizzaPlex culture reflects inclusive, Triple Bottom Line business decision-making and operations to learn from other organizations and serve as mentors to other organizations accordingly.


  • Demonstrated community engagement and outreach experience
  • Commitment to environmental and social sustainability
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to explain the business case of sustainability
  • Attention to detail
  • MS Office Suite and computer skills preferred, but not required
  • Spanish speaking skills desired

How to Apply

  • Please answer the following questions within one page:
    • Provide examples as to how you will meet the outlined responsibilities and duties.
    • Describe how you have conducted similar outreach in the past and how you have acquired your knowledge of environmental and social sustainability. How have you previously applied this knowledge?
  • Submit your question response, a cover letter and resume to